The pursuit of optimal health.

Chikaming Country Club is committed to the health and wellness of its members. This is why
our menus offer fresh, local, often organic selections as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options. This is also why
we have programs that recognize the importance of stretching, strengthening, and calming the body.

Yoga and Pilates.

Yoga is an ancient practice that incorporates gentle exercise,
breath control, and meditation. Pilates is a series of
exercises that lengthen and strengthen all major muscle groups,
improving flexibility, balance, and body awareness.
Fitness instructor Liz Walker brings together both in programs
that improve muscular and postural strength. Classes
are held weekly and are open to all members and their guests.

Massage Therapy.

One of the immediate benefits of massage after a round of golf
or an afternoon of tennis is of course the relaxation of
tired muscles. But massage can also relieve stress and improve
sleep, lower blood pressure and ease headache pain,
raise alertness and boost the body’s immunity. Kristen McMichael,
a Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist, offers
sessions of both deep tissue and Swedish relaxation massage.