Chikaming Country Club Policies.

Members and guests of Chikaming Country Club should familiarize themselves with
club policies that may impact their use of the facilities. Thank you for your attention to these policies.

Dress Code Policy

The Board of Directors of Chikaming Country Club has established the following
dress code for all members and guests when they are in Shakespeare House or on club grounds:

Shakespeare House

Relative to Shakespeare House activities, ladies’ attire should be appropriate for the function attended.
Country Club Casual is acceptable for casual parties and casual dining. Country Club Casual is defined as a nice pair of slacks
or shorts and a golf or dress shirt for men.
Blue jeans and screen-printed tee shirts are not permitted.
Men are required to wear jackets for the more formal events as listed in the club calendar.
Men are not permitted to wear headwear inside Shakespeare House at any time.

The Golf Course And Practice Facilities

On the golf course and practice range, appropriate golf attire is required.
Tee shirts, short shorts, tank tops, jogging and gym clothes, halter tops and denim are not permissible.
Bermuda and Jamaica length shorts are appropriate.
Men’s shirts must have a collar or mock neck and should be tucked in. All golfers are required to wear shoes.
Golf shoes may not have metal spikes.

Smoking Policy

Pursuant to State Law, smoking is prohibited inside the club facilities and in any dining area.

Electronics Policy

In keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the club. please turn off cellular phones in all dining areas
and on the golf course when playing in organized events.

Tipping Policy

Chikaming Country Club is a non-tipping facility. Please advise your guests of this policy prior to the guest’s
arrival at the club.  If you would like to recognize the efforts of the club staff throughout the year, please consider
contributing to the Chikaming Employee Christmas Fund at the end of the season.