Becoming a member.

Asked recently why they joined Chikaming, our members gave a wide variety of answers.
“Chikaming has been a big part of my life in Lakeside. I couldn’t imagine not being able to enjoy the club.”
“When I heard this beautiful golf course had no tee times, I couldn’t resist.”
 “My grandfather was one of the founders of the club, my parents were members from the 70s.”
Some joined for golf or tennis, others for the club’s family orientation
or variety of dining options. Whatever your reasons, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about
membership. For more information, contact Club Business Manager

John Phillips at (269) 469-5141, extension 15, or email at [email protected].

Classes Of Membership
Membership is comprised of four classes:
Limited to a total of 210.
Those who qualify in accordance with the provisions of
the Club Bylaws.
Those who are under the age of 40 on April 1 of the year
in question. Limited to a total of 15.
Those spouses of Regular Members who have died may
elect to join this class of membership.
Memberships are not transferable to another
person, except a spouse. All membership changes except
from Associate to Regular, whether from one
class to another or from one person to another, require
Board approval.
Proposals For Membership
All applications for regular or associate membership must
be obtained by a member from the Club Business
Manager.  The Secretary will furnish an application form and a
list of requirements to be met before the application
can be accepted for referral to the Membership Committee.
In general, these requirements are the following:
  • Sponsorship by a member.
  • Seconding recommendations by at least two members.
  • The sponsor should arrange for all officers and directors and the Membership Committee to have an opportunity to meet the applicant and spouse in a social atmosphere.  Written support of 5 officers and/or directors is required to complete an application.  The sponsor is responsible for completion of the application.
Upon acceptance and availability of a membership, the
Secretary shall notify the applicant, the sponsor,
and the Treasurer. Membership becomes effective upon payment
of admission fee and the first year's dues.