Welcome to a piece of

Harbor Country history since 1913.

Welcome to a remarkable heritage.

Welcome to a golf course with

a surprising pedigree.

And welcome to a country club

that's really a community.

Welcome to Chikaming Country Club. Established in 1913, we were not only
one of the first private clubs in what is now called Harbor Country, but one of the very first golf courses in
southwestern Michigan. Over the years, we have cultivated a distinguished blend of local
residents and residents of other cities with weekend homes near Lake Michigan. Many have been drawn to 
the challenging, yet family-friendly, golf course with its tree-lined fairways and small, old-style
greens. Still others have been charmed by our historic clubhouse called Shakespeare House and its array of
dining options. So today, whether you're interested in golf or tennis, programs for juniors,
the perfect setting for a wedding, or perhaps just the best Fourth of July fireworks on this side of the lake,
we invite you to explore all the experiences Chikaming Country Club has to offer.