A better tennis game from the ground up.

Tennis has been played at Chikaming for a century. But the game has never been easier to play
and master because the playing surface has never been better. We have the only Har-Tru clay courts of any
country club in Harbor Country. And that surface makes a difference in the way you feel, practice,

and compete. It also makes a difference in the way beginners learn the game they may play for a lifetime.

Programs for every age and skill level.

From early May until the middle of October, competition on our
courts is intense and multi-generational. There are
regular social and family events, weekly individual and open mixed
doubles, as well as competition with nearby clubs.
Beginning with basic ground strokes, our Junior Tennis programs
offers boys and girls as young as six the opportunity to
learn and enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere with other kids.

The surface that makes your game.

Without doubt, Har-Tru clay courts help players develop a better,
more well-rounded game. By allowing sliding, Har-Tru
courts reduce the risk of injury. The slower surface means longer,
more enjoyable rallies for seasoned players. The slower
ball bounce creates a more teachable surface for junior players.
Har-Tru is noticeably cooler on even the hottest days of
the summer and dries in a matter of minutes after a rain shower.

Instruction starts early.

Several levels of instruction are available at the club. Our popular
Junior Tennis program emphasizes both fun and
fundamentals for beginning players. As bodies and skills mature,
instruction becomes more specific and ability based
with more attention given to strategies for singles and doubles
competition. Private lessons for older teens and adults
of all ages is also offered by Club Tennis Professional John Polishuk.

Tennis doesn't stop when the leaves fall.

Tennis on our Har-Tru courts may start winding down in late Fall,
but play on the paddle tennis court is just beginning.
Paddle tennis is easy to learn and can be played by all ages and
skill levels. With a setting on the edge of the woods,
the paddle court is not only state of the art but quite scenic in the
winter months. The warming hut serves not only for
escaping chilly temperatures but as our off-season social center.