Club events that are always special

and occasionally spectacular.

For a club with such a distinguished past, Chikaming never seems to take itself too seriously.
That is no more apparent than in the events we host and the looks of sheer delight on one particular night of the year.

The day lawn chairs and frisbees replace golf carts.

Our Independence Day Celebration is certainly the most
anticipated event of the club year. From late afternoon until well into
the night, it becomes a carnival of food, fun, and fireworks on
the fourteenth fairway.  Lawn chairs, blankets, and beach towels stake
out territory, frisbees and footballs fill the air awaiting what 
hundreds of members, families, and friends think are undoubtedly the
most breathtaking fireworks in our corner of Michigan.

Many generations. One gets particular attention.

Chikaming is a club of many generations, and they all
come together at the Independence Day Celebration. For the youngest
of these, it’s balloon hats, bouncy houses, painted faces, mini
burgers, and mac and cheese. For another, it’s barbequed chicken, corn
on the cob, and the most spectacular seafood buffet of the
summer. And for our most seasoned generation, it’s time to grab a lawn
chair, have a sip of wine and wait for the fireworks to begin.

Events for hundreds or a handful.

Though the Independence Day Celebration is undeniably
the highlight, every Chikaming event promises not only fun, but spirited
engagement with other club members as well. Whether
it’s a weekly Bridge luncheon, cooking lessons with Chef Ross, or one
of several Member Guest Invitationals, members enjoy a full
schedule of events throughout the season to challenge them athletically,
stimulate them intellectually and delight them gastronomically.

The House of Shakespeare and the House of Blues.

Throughout the season, Shakespeare House hosts a lively
schedule of weekend events for members and their guests. Perhaps a
farm-to-table dinner or New Orleans buffet. Maybe an Island
Night or Kids Movie Night. Perhaps a Motown, Mellencamp, or House
of Blues tribute band. Or quite fittingly, maybe even a dinner
and theater event featuring members of the Notre Dame Shakespeare
Festival performing on our Shakespeare House stage.